Maternity clinic services

A baby's arrival changes family life completely, and not always just for the positive: Sometimes the new situation becomes overwhelming, and day-to-day parental routines may become difficult to manage. Lähineuvola can assist in getting routines in place to manage the daily life.

New parents have many questions, breastfeeding may require assistance to get started, there may be tantrums, perhaps baby is cluster feeding? Why does the baby cry so much, how do we establish a daily routine for the baby, how can we assist the baby - and the entire family - to sleep longer at night between the feedings? Has the mother recovered properly from the pregnancy and birth, how are her pelvic floor muscles post-childbirth? What happened to the family dynamics and parents' relationship since the baby arrived?

Lähineuvola can assist with all these and many other questions regardig families with small children. At home visits happen at your convenience, gather information of the entire family situation, respecting your wishes. Lähineuvola gives practical advise to ensure a happy and content baby, which is the foundation for a happy family.

Lähineuvola is a supplementary service to Finnish public maternity clinics.

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Kuva: Lari Järnefelt


Pregnancy related check-ups include blood pressure monitoring, SF- measurements, fetus heart beat monitoring , as well as information and advice on the upcoming stages of pregnancy. The goal is to support the mother and the family to prepare for the future changes.

Visits just prior the birth focus on information about labour, inducing labour, labour pain, pain management options, breastfeeding preparation, infant care - whatever are the most pressing issues for the expecting family.


Kuva: Lari Järnefelt


Every childbirth is unique! Parents may want information and advice on the birth procedures, newborn infant-care, recovering in hospital and at home... After childbirth it is important for the mother to listen to her body, and give it time to recover. What is possible to do to speed up the recovery and when depends on how childbirth went - everything affects everything!

Post-childbirth visit includes advice on recovery, checking the status of abdominal muscle separation, advise and information on other chances to the mother's body as well as wound care and scar prevention.

Lactation consultation

Every mother and baby are unique, and whether the baby is solely breastfed, supplemented with formula or fed with formula only is a result of personal choice and circumstances. No matter the method, practise makes perfect, and support from the spouse is important. Lactation consultation focuses on the mother's thoughts and questions, checks how the baby is latching, gives advice on breastfeeding positions and importance of breastfeeding at different stages of infant development, obstacles and common issues with breastfeeding, and communication with the baby during feeding.

Lactation consultation is possible to start already before childbirth, and is useful for all mothers, not just first-time mothers: analysing past experiences can assist in preparing for the new breastfeeding experience.


Kuva: Lotta Polviander

Sleep consulting

The basis for everyone's general well-being is a good nights sleep. This can be challenging with a small baby in the family.

Depending on the family's situation and the baby's age, the goal of sleep consulting may be to reduce the number of nightly feedings, to establish a regular schedule or to remove the eat-sleep association. After the consultation, you will be armed with an individualised practical sleeping plan, which provides guidance for the sleeping arrangements, scheduling, methods to prepare the baby for sleeping and general sleep hygiene.

Consistency is the key in establishing and making chances to baby's routines! Once the baby has good sleep routines, the entire family sleeps better.

Sleep consulting can be combined with lactation consultation on the same visit.

Reflexology baby massage

The benefits of reflexology have been well established for various ailments. Issues during pregnancy and birth may have caused the baby to have pains and rigidity, which may in turn cause issues with breastfeeding. Reflexology baby massage can help alleviate many issues, for example colic, reflux, general stomach issues, sleep problems, restlessness and body stiffness issues.

During the initial session by our professionals, we will instruct the parents on how to continue the reflexology baby massage themselves. Reflexology baby massage not just alleviates many ailments, but also provides a great opportunity for gentle togetherness and bonding with your baby.

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Prices and booking

Leave a contact request or call and book an appointment from +358 45 201 6323.

Home visit 120 € /hour
Home visit 2 hours 210 €
Phone counselling (only booked times, minimum. charge 15 minutes) 85 €/hour
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Mushka Koivuniemi

Kuva: Tiia-Maria Uponen-Saraiva

I am Mushka Koivuniemi, a nurse and a mother of three small kids. I have a passion for children’s and families’ well-being, and 10+ years of professional experience with children's health care issues both in public and private sector. As a mother, I believe in setting clear limits for our kids, and expect mutual respect, fairness and tolerance from everyone within our family.

Based on my versatile professional experience in the Finnish healthcare sector, my personal experience as a mother of three and discussions with many parents of small children, I realised there would be a demand for a service which provides maternity and baby related services and practical advise at home, as a supplement to the public sector maternity services. In spring 2019 I started my own healthcare company, Pirkanmaan Lähineuvola, which provides at-home services for maternity, lactation consultation, sleep training and healthcare for children.

I believe in parental instincts, and that every parent has the capability to be the best possible mother or father for their own child, so long they get the support they need, and remember to take care of themselves also.

Mushka Koivuniemi

  • 2019 Reflexology Massage Studies
  • 2019 Student at School of Professional Teacher
  • 2019 WHO Lactation Consultant training
  • 2019 Preventing and caring of pelvic floor disorders
  • 2019 Happiest Baby - calming method training
  • 2013, 2017 Baby Sambaile teacher
  • 2008 WHO Lactation Consultant training
  • 2008 Bachelor of Public Health Nurse and Nursing

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Pirkanmaan Lähineuvola

Mushka Koivuniemi

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